1. Clean microphones, headphones, computers, laptops, etc. after every use. Keep a record of when each item was cleaned. DO NOT use water. Rubbing alcohol or alcohol-based cleaners are best.

2. Rotate your tech team if possible. Again, encourage those who feel sick or run down to not come into the service.

3. Keep using the online services. Facebook may be more accessible as many people have accounts, but consider other options like YouTube for those who’d like to watch on their smart TVs.

4. Should we be investing in new digital equipment right now? Yes, we’ve all hopped online and used Zoom and Youtube to broadcast our worship services. Some of us are doing that with iPads and other devices, but is this the time to admit that online worship is probably here to stay? If yes, then it makes sense to invest dollars now so that cameras and other equipment can be purchased that will help the church be more professional in the new online world of worship.