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Preparing the Facility (Part 3)

6. Post signs about not shaking hands and doing non-contact greetings. You can promote the hashtag #itsoktosmileandwave.

7. Consider placing some kind of blocks in your sanctuary or classrooms to ensure social distancing. Tape, remove chairs, ropes, use cones, etc. to indicate the distance needed.

8.Remember that if you have multiple services during the week, you will need to clean between each service.

9. Tell your congregation through flyers on the doors, email, and social media about how you’ve prepared the church for their arrival. Be sure to use the words “clean, safe, and mindful of health needs and issues in preparation for a non-touch experience” or something similar. Also say that if they are sick, then they should not be present and can join online instead, if that is an option.

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