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Preparing the Facility (Part 1)

What are you doing now to sanitize and sterilize your church building? Now is the time to wipe down all classrooms (especially those where children meet because of all the items they touch during the course of a Sunday). Have you sprayed pews and chairs with disinfectant? Who is wiping door knobs and handles? Have you had carpet cleaned and disinfected? Now is the time for all this to take place, not the week of the “you can go back to church” announcement by government officials.

  1. Deep clean your entire church. Where will germs be transferred? Consider shampooing carpets, sanitizing pews, bathrooms, doorknobs, light switches, and microphones. Should we consider a professional cleaning crew as an initial cleaning before we reopen?

  2. Use chemicals and disinfectants as directed and allow for the proper dry times

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