Preparing the Facility (Part 4)

10. Masks - If wearing masks is suggested by health officials, consider providing masks for those who don’t have them.

11. Traffic Flow - Designate one-way pedestrian traffic flow to facilitate social distancing as we enter and leave the sanctuary/building

12. Be sure to post signs about washing hands in bathrooms with appropriate guidelines to doing so.

13. What’s our strategy to clean and sanitize our church in real time? It’s one thing to prepare in advance of people’s return to the church building, but how will we keep the place clean and disinfected on a Sunday/Tuesday/Wednesday or Friday? Does this give rise to a new team of people whose ministry it is to walk around wiping door knobs and other surfaces? Who is going to clean restrooms throughout the morning or evening? Remember we’ll have many people touching things.

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3. Pay attention to the preschool and children’s areas. Consider removing everything nonessential from the room to limit surfaces for potential contamination and do a thorough cleaning in between use